Tuesday, February 21, 2006

an update

The last month has been extremely busy for Ethan.

The family dynamics have changed with Erin starting school. This caused a power struggle between Ethan and Adele. Blood was spilt over who will be the new boss. To my surprise Ethan won the battle with only a few scars to show for his effort!

He is in the full swing of going to kinder 3 times a week and early education twice a week. This has been very tiring for him but he has managed well. To top it off we have been without a car, and I can now say he is over walking. He learnt to sign for the pram and bike trailer very early on.

Health wise he has been up and down. He had preadmission for the grommets. Yes a date has been set. The outcome from preadmission was he needed a hearing test prior to surgery, to get the OK from the cardiologist and to keep him well! All has been done other than the keeping well. He currently has another perforated ear drum and chest infection. He is on antibiotics with the plan for review Thursday. The hearing test showed moderate hearing loss. Not surprising with an ear canal full of discharge and the other ear full of fluid. A repeat hearing test will be carried out post grommets. They will isolate the ears to see if he has any permanent loss.

He has seen the cardiologist. Nothing surprising came from this. His oxygen sats are now 77%. He will be having a cardiac cath in the next couple of months. The results of this will be reported to the surgeons and we will go from there.

He has also seen the oncologist. The scans were clear. No signs of recurrence. The ultrasound showed some nodes were up but nothing for us to worry about.

photos soon...