Thursday, March 16, 2006


Ethan had his ears examined a couple of weeks ago.

He was to fast after a light early morning breakfast (nothing after 7am) and arrive at the hospital at 11. We knew from previous anaesthetics that waking him to eat doesn't work. He is cranky and won't eat so we let him sleep for as long as possible. It was a very long day. We waited and waited. Ethan was climbing the walls looking for food. It was nearly 24hours since his last meal when they called for him.

The procedure itself didn't take too long and the back up ICU bed was not required! A grommet was inserted into the right ear drum. The left ear drum has a big hole in it so couldn't be done. They sucked away a pile of goo and he was commenced on antibiotic ear drops. They doubt if the hole in the left ear drum will heal. We are not too sure what this means to his overall hearing. We will find out more at his post op appointment.

He has taken to wearing the earplugs (blu tak) quite well. He knows they need to be inserted before he goes in water and they are not to be removed until he is told. We have had one very interesting morning where he wouldn't listen to me. I was so frustrated. I asked if his ears were painted on. He was trying to tell me something and was signing but I couldn't work it out. We were both getting frustrated and trying to sign to each other but nothing was getting through. It took a while but he got his point across, I hadn't told him to take the ear plugs out after his shower! After I had worked it out and the plugs removed he proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms that I was useless thanks to some new signs he has learnt from poppy.

He has moved on from watching thomas, hi 5 and the wiggles to toy story, monsters inc and the lion king and yes he has memorized all the scenes!

He still remains chesty and we have increased his ventolin in accordance with this. It isn't getting any better but it isn't getting any worse either.

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Ben Sartori said...

Hey guys, good to catch up with all the news. Wow, Erin is now a big school girl, hope she's enjoyoing herself! Great to see Ethan's smiling face in the photo's. Sounds like he is not having any trouble giving mum some attitude (definately Luke's influence! :p ) We also know the pain of 24x7 Wiggles...can I suggest The Incredibles.

Say Hi to all. All our love and wishes.

Take care
Ben, Ruth and Charlotte (now 2 going on 13)