Thursday, September 07, 2006

last couple of months

Where do I start? Since the last entry...

We have had Ethan's referral to Australian hearing. It was decided that he would benefit from a hearing aid due to the lack of expressive language. I had no problems with this, we would do anything to help him talk but I was a little taken back when she asked what colour he would like and then proceeded to pull out a colour chart bigger than that at a paint shop! In true Ethan style he chose blue and red. He was proud as punch telling people he was getting Thomas in his ear!!

Thanks to the Hanleys we have also started private speech therapy. This was a struggle at the start. Speech therapy is very confronting for him. It is a lot of hard work. He struggles and thus wouldn't participate and behave very naughty at the appointments. Hazel the speech therapist came up with the perfect solution. He now attends by himself. No negative attention for being naughty. Works a treat.

We have started compiling the application for another year of kinder. The kinder teachers believe there won't be an issue and are delighted to have him back. We are not sure what other services he can access next year. It all depends on his IQ, which was tested last week. We should have a result within the next month.

Overall his health has been pretty good since the last entry. A few temps here and there but nothing that has interfered with daily living.

He has had a few outings worth mentioning.
We went to Disney on Ice (thanks Em). We caught the train in, went on a tram, saw Buzz and Woody and Nemo. He was excited all day.
Ethan and Erin also got to go on junior camp with Challenge again. They love camp, they are spoilt and treated like royalty for a night.
We also got tickets to Carlton v Richmond at Telstra Dome. After the game we went into the Carlton rooms to meet the players. Unfortunately they were a bit disappointed about losing and were worse than tantruming toddlers! We did meet a few players and were grateful for the opportunity.

Ethan has also got a new love. The movie 'Cars' especially Mack. He has learnt the lines and loves the music. He doesn't have Mack but has found a truck in his collection that fills the role. We have spent a lot of time trying to find Mack and have managed to track one down (thanks to Lees in the US). Can't wait to see his face when it arrives.

A report on last Saturday's appeal day is coming...