Saturday, December 23, 2006

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Since the last entry

The Mack truck that was getting sent from the US arrived. Since the day it got here, it has gone everywhere, in the car, in the pram, on the bike, to bed, to hospital. I mean everywhere. I drew a line at it sitting to eat with us!! He absolutely loves it. Thank you to Leesa and Mason you made his day.

Ethan has had a couple of hospital admissions...

First was a bout of pneumonia. He had been on antibiotics at home and was still having fevers so a trip to Monash was needed. The chest xray didn't look to bad but due to the ongoing fever they started IV antibiotics and a bit of oxygen! On discharge his oxygen levels had improved10%. The respiratory consultant believes he has a chronic lung infection, bronchiectasis and has therefore commenced 2 months of antibiotics. A review has been organised for the start of feb.

Second was a fractured radius. Yep, he finally had enough energy to run and play and he falls in the park! He is a tough little bugger. The fall happened Saturday night and it wasn't until Sunday afternoon (at a kinder friends birthday after playing in the park) that Luke noticed he wasn't using his right arm. He said it was a little sore! The docs put on a half cast and made us an appt at the plaster clinic. The doctors at the clinic reviewed him and it was decided to put on a full plaster as he was moving his arm too much. The plaster also has a fibre glass coating for extra strength!

The third was an elective admission for grommets. There was plenty of stuff ups on the day, like no bed, waiting in the foyer, being wheeled to theatre twice before a third time lucky but once he was in theatre all went well. He recovered quickly from the anaesthetic and we were out of there. After seeing the three favourites, nurse Kate, Sally and Carly.

Ethan no longer qualifies for Dandy Valley School so over the last few months I have spent a lot of time going through schools and reading info about speech and development. It has been a tough drawn out process but we have come to the decision, Ethan will repeat preschool as well as attend a school for children with severe illnesses in Glen Waverley. He can catch a bus to and from school however it means he will need to be on the bus at 7:45am. Ethan doesn't wake until I wake him at 8:45. This will be hard. It was hard to say goodbye to his teachers at Dandy Valley they have played a big part in his life and we are lucky to have had so many caring people in our lives.

Ethan has also had to say goodbye to his speech therapist who is moving on to a new job. At first Ethan hating going but Hazel kept persisting and trying new things. She won him over and he insists she stay working with Jane. It was amazing to watch their relationship grow.

We have also had christmas parties. The highlight once again being Challenge. Challenge is truly amazing, the services they offer to families is wonderful and very overwhelming. This years christmas party was no exception.

Ethan is excited about Santa and he is as equally excited about turning 5 after santa. Ethan's kinder friends have all turned 5 and he was asking when he was five. I told him in January and looked at me a little confused ah, after santa! Yep he understands he is five in January after santa. At fountain gate he saw santa, he was so excited not only to see santa but he had now turned 5 after seeing santa!! Boy was he dissapointed.

On the scale of growth it is official he is Adele's little brother and she loves to tell everyone "I'm bigger" . Even though he is little he is plodding along at the same rate at usual, just under the graph.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe christmas and new year. Wishing you all good health for 2007.

photos coming


Anonymous said...

I hope all at the Hanley Household had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa came to all the good people. Hopefully 2007 is a bright and happy year for you all, with less hospital visits.
Cheers, Judi Maxfield

Dr Claire said...

Hi Hanleys, I'm so pleased to hear Ethy is doing so well. I know I haven't been in touch recently but I have been checking the blog every now and then to keep up with all the gossip.

I thought of you today as its Ethan's birthday and I'm sure he's loving finally being 5!!!

Hope he has a great day and that the rest of you are well.

Lots of love Dr Claire :)