Monday, June 04, 2007

Day to Day happenings

It has been one year since we were told they couldn't fix Ethan's heart. The words go home and live month by month still ring in my ears but it has been a year and he is bigger and stronger than ever.

* Ethan's speech is still very slow to progress but he is making more sounds and more people are starting to understand him better.
* He is still very little and weighs next to nothing but he can eat!
* He tries to participate in boy stuff. He loves cricket and footy.
* He also loves cars. He is very good at directing and is a very annoying back seat driver!!

Heart: Ethan still has his blue episodes and runs out of breath easy. His oxygen levels remain at about 75-80% when he's well.
Lungs: Ethan has been diagnosed with bronchitises. A chronic infection in his lungs. He is on rotating antibiotics continuously. Since these started he has had less trouble and copes a lot better. Ethan's asthma is still all over the shop but he can tell us when he needs the puffer, which is a huge help.
Kidneys: He had a scan a month ago and all is well. His right kidney is coping very well and the left kidney bed has no signs of cancer.
Ears: He has an ear infection at the moment but otherwise he hasn't had one for a long time. It is his left ear which is oozing so he can't wear his hearing aid at the moment. (He thinks this is an excuse to ignore me!)

Ethan in the foam pit at Erin's gym party

playing in the car at one of dad's bike races

Playing with the dog during the race

Fiji Holiday

As some of you may be aware we went to Fiji in March. Ethan had a planned admission for a tune up before we went. The tune up consisted of antibiotics and chest physio to help dry out his persistent cough and hopefully prevent a chest infection while we were over there. In true Eth style the tune up which was supposed to take a week, went for 2 weeks. This was due to the fact that he had pneumonia on admission which I was unaware of!

Trying to get travel insurance for Ethan was a night mare. The amount of stuffing a round with medical forms and letters was ridiculous. To no surprise his cover was very restricted!!

Fiji itself was great and the kids had a ball. The kids did a lot of swimming and loved the activities in kids club.

Ethan managed to stay well for the first 4 days by the end of the holiday he was fairly unwell. The landing in Melbourne wasn't much fun with Ethan vomiting but it did help us get through customs a lot quicker!!

Ethan at the airport

With Adele waiting to go on the boat during kids club

During 1 of the many sessions at the pool

The kids at the pool

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1st day of school

Ethan started school at the start of the year. It was a huge decision for us
as to what school etc but we are more than happy with our decision. Ethan attends
Glenallen school in Glen Waverley. The bus comes to the door at about 7.30am and drops him back to the door at 4.15. It is a long day but he loves it. At the start we were trying to
juggle some kinder time as well as school but this took its toll on everyone involved and
we came to the conclusion to do school full time. He loves school that much that it is used
to rectify misbehaviour. "I won't let you go to school tomorrow" "No bus" It works a real treat!

He has a full timetable and has learnt a lot. He loves reading and writing as well as all the fun classes; swimming, music, home crafts, library etc.

What else can I say, Look at the big school boy....

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Birthday #5

Ethan celebrated his 5th birthday in January. We hired a jumping castle
for the day and invited a stack of kinder friends. Being a January day I didn't
worry too much about the weather but I should have. It was during the heat
wave, 42degrees outside and a lot more in the castle!! We had a lot of very hot
and bothered kids. Ethan had a great day.

Setting up the train tracks with his train mad friends

Playing pass the parcel.

The Thomas ice cream cake before it melted everywhere!

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The number 5 cake he had with the family.

Ethan's plaster was supposed to come off on this day but as we had booked the party
it was postponed for a week. By the 25th it was smelling worse than a boys locker room!
On the day he spent the morning practicing how to take it off with his pretend drill and saw.
He was cool and excited about the whole thing. He jumped in the car and was giving high 5's,
thumbs up etc. It all came undone when he heard the real saw. He was so scared and upset
he couldn't move. With a lot of force his arm was kept still and the plaster removed!


We all had a great Christmas. Santa was very kind to the kids!
It was the first Christmas where all three kids were excited.

Ethan loves his Bart sleeping bag.

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Luckily Santa knew he still loves trains!