Monday, June 04, 2007

Birthday #5

Ethan celebrated his 5th birthday in January. We hired a jumping castle
for the day and invited a stack of kinder friends. Being a January day I didn't
worry too much about the weather but I should have. It was during the heat
wave, 42degrees outside and a lot more in the castle!! We had a lot of very hot
and bothered kids. Ethan had a great day.

Setting up the train tracks with his train mad friends

Playing pass the parcel.

The Thomas ice cream cake before it melted everywhere!

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The number 5 cake he had with the family.

Ethan's plaster was supposed to come off on this day but as we had booked the party
it was postponed for a week. By the 25th it was smelling worse than a boys locker room!
On the day he spent the morning practicing how to take it off with his pretend drill and saw.
He was cool and excited about the whole thing. He jumped in the car and was giving high 5's,
thumbs up etc. It all came undone when he heard the real saw. He was so scared and upset
he couldn't move. With a lot of force his arm was kept still and the plaster removed!

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