Monday, June 04, 2007

Fiji Holiday

As some of you may be aware we went to Fiji in March. Ethan had a planned admission for a tune up before we went. The tune up consisted of antibiotics and chest physio to help dry out his persistent cough and hopefully prevent a chest infection while we were over there. In true Eth style the tune up which was supposed to take a week, went for 2 weeks. This was due to the fact that he had pneumonia on admission which I was unaware of!

Trying to get travel insurance for Ethan was a night mare. The amount of stuffing a round with medical forms and letters was ridiculous. To no surprise his cover was very restricted!!

Fiji itself was great and the kids had a ball. The kids did a lot of swimming and loved the activities in kids club.

Ethan managed to stay well for the first 4 days by the end of the holiday he was fairly unwell. The landing in Melbourne wasn't much fun with Ethan vomiting but it did help us get through customs a lot quicker!!

Ethan at the airport

With Adele waiting to go on the boat during kids club

During 1 of the many sessions at the pool

The kids at the pool

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