Friday, September 21, 2007

surgery delayed

Ethan had his cardiac appointment at the end of last week. He was walking around the clinic and down the ramps. He was in great form, I hadn't seen him that active for ages. We saw Dr Jim who was happy with his chest and recommended we go ahead with surgery. How ever surgery has been delayed due to our surgeon going away. It means we will change surgeons and squeeze in on the 10th October.

This brought mixed emotions. Changing surgeons, yes they are all good but we like ours, it is now during the school term which means more running around, and a bigger impact on the girls and I need to be fit and healthy to do it (for those who don't know I tore my ankle ligaments a couple of weeks ago, I'm still in plaster, and not allowed to drive!) It is going to make it harder if it doesn't recover quickly from here. But on the positive Eth was great, we can now see the Thomas show and spend the holidays together.

But as usual it was the calm before the storm. The next day he started getting chesty and requiring oxygen. The next few days were up and down. I took the risk and sent him to school so I could put my foot up but they rang at lunch time, his sats were 60%. He has remained at home requiring oxygen on and off. His asthma is up and down with it as well. I have 19 days to get him back up and running and to get myself back up and running. By this time Luke and the girls will need to rest as they are doing a hell of a lot of running now!!

He has also had a few more seizures. He had the EEG a few weeks ago but I haven't been able to chase up the results, too many other things going on!

I will update this again before surgery and we will keep it up to date following surgery. Take care, Jo


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog almost from the beginning and my heart goes out to your wonderful family. I am truly amazed by your strength and courage. I wish you and Ethan a speedy recovery. Ethan has amazed his Doctor's before and research is being done with stem cells that has promising results for the heart. Maybe that could help your very special young man.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you Hanley's never do things the easy way. Hope the ankle is coming along well Jo. Thinking of you all as the family prepares for surgery. Enjoy the holidays and then we hope for smooth sailing.
The Maxfields