Friday, May 30, 2008


After holding off as long as possible and trying everything at home Ethan has landed another admission at MMC. A chest xray revealed changes on both sides, bilateral pneumonia. The plan is for a week of antibiotics and physiotherapy.

He is happy as Larry to be there. As soon as we entered Monash he had more spring in his step. He told Dr David he needed to stay and was happy when he agreed. He loves it that much that when he was being uncooperative the other day Dr David threatened to send him home! He soon changed his tune and was cooperating again.

While we are there the cardiologist is increasing his sildenafil. So far so good. His blood pressure and sats haven't dropped and he isn't complaining about dizziness, headaches etc.

We spend most of the time playing starwars with our balloon light sabres! The staff are droids, Ethan is Obi-wan and I'm Quigon. The staff cop a belting but they don't seem to mind too much! When we are not playing star wars we are helping out the doctors with practice for their exams. Ethan doesn't mind the extra attention!

Tomorrow is Erin's birthday, another family birthday in hospital. Luckily we had her sleep over party last week!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that even on the gloomy days that the sun shines through and that you can make the most of a bad situation.
In life you can't control the hand you are dealt only the way you play the game.
I hope Ethan continues to improve and amaze everyone.
Kind Regards
Jo from South Australia

Anonymous said...

MMC is a home away from home for you all, which is both a good and bad thing. Glad to hear that you all continue to smile and make the most of it all. Happy birthday to Erin. And to Ethan, You go Boy!
Cheers, Judi & Rob