Monday, August 25, 2008

August Ceftriaxone

Ethan was admitted to Monash last Monday for a chest tune up. This includes the usual IV antibiotics and physio. We were hoping it would be for a week and we would be home today but we are now looking at discharge on Friday. He settled in well and is running the place in true Ethan style. He is very comfortable there. He gives all the staff a high 5 goodnight and waves us off happily.

The IV came out today and had to be resited. He rode the bike into the treatment room, told the doctor how and where he would like the IV inserted and watched to make sure he was doing it properly. Not many 6 year olds would do that! He has also started doing his own medication. The nurses bring it in and he takes control putting in the IV bung and pushing it. He told me the other day he was going to be a nurse!! I'm not too sure what happened to driving the Ghan......

The physiotherapist has been using the vest during physio with good results. This takes some pressure of him when his heart doesn't allow him to participate.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing little boy. It is unfortunate that he has been in hospital so much that he is comfortable there, but at the same time good that he copes so well. Imagine taking over the medications. Glad that the vest is working well.
Cheers, Rob & Judi