Thursday, January 15, 2009


It brings me much joy to be able to sit and type about Eth turning 7 tomorrow. I thought it would never happen and that his 6th birthday would be the last. This time last year he was in heaps of pain, his mobility was extremely restricted and he couldn't eat properly. It was a very tough time but I am pleased to say this has changed and he is a lot better. In April they started the wonder drug and for the first 4 months we saw no real improvement but then it was increased to nearly double the dose and we have witnessed a new boy. He is a lot more confident and happy and can physically do things. Don't get me wrong his health issues still affect his daily activities and the rest of the family but he is 100% on last year.

During the first 2 weeks of January we went on a family holiday to Merimbula. Ethan had a ball. We took his bike which he loved riding everywhere. He rode it whenever he got the chance. He loved hooning around the caravan park on it. He cracked the sads at the Bermagui mountain bike trail because I wouldn't let him go with Luke on the big trail. He argued black and blue he could do it and sped off down the track! He even rode to Pambula and back, a total of 17km with me jogging and pushing him up the hills but he did it. (This time last year he couldn't even walk to the letterbox and back). He also loved going swimming, driving the boat and playing cricket.

Hope you enjoy the holiday photos. We will post birthday pics next week