Friday, May 08, 2009

Term 1 and Easter

Ethan enjoyed his 7th birthday and as usual he was spoiled by all. He loved opening presents and his Mustafar cake, for those unaware Mustafar is the lava planet in Star Wars where Anakin and Obi-Wan fight. I was hoping to make a number 7 but as usual Ethan wanted something more difficult! He has already started compiling ideas for next years cake. I'm thinking I may need to attend a cake decorating course before then!
Over Easter we went camping. We camped at the same farm in South Gippsland as last year. There was water in the river this time but still not enough for a good fishing session, but it didn't seem to bother him. He enjoyed going for bush walks and spotlighting, but like all physical activities he is restricted, so he spent a lot of time watching DVD's and playing his PSP. He sat in the front of Poppy Syd's car with them plugged into the cigarette lighter. Poppy's car had to be jump started!
During the Easter break we also went to Lancefield for a couple of days. We stayed in a cabin which Ethan loved. He loved travelling on the freeways and following where we went on google maps! We were also lucky to attend a childrens show performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. It was very interesting and Ethan enjoyed himself. He particularly loved the starwars music!
Ethan has had a good start to the school year. He is very keen and motivated to do school work. A total turn around to last year. Last year was all about socialising but this year he has turned into a little geek wanting to do lots of work. He is being rewarded for his efforts and is happily showing everyone his certificates of achievement. His reading and writing is coming along and he is starting to recognise more and more words. We are hoping that when we can't understand him, he'll be able to write the word or part of the word etc.
School camp will go ahead again this year. Ethan is looking forward to it. The girls are also looking forward to the break. He has been very demanding lately. Putting a lot of pressure and strain on everyone so a few days respite will be appreciated by everyone.
Medically, he is a bit of a mystery. He has had a great start to the year with only a couple of ear infections but over the last week he has been asking for oxygen and having episodes in which he looks like he is running a fever with all the usual symptons but no temperature. It is horrible seeing him so flat after he has had such a good run. It reminds us that he is very sick and not to get too comfortable with life as who knows what is going to happen. It affects the girls too. Erin expresses how sick he is and how colds and flus could be fatal to him. She gives him lots of cuddles and says things like "no matter what happens I love you". He has a few appointments coming up so hopefully we can get some answers.
He had his hearing tested last week. The left ear hasn't changed with mild to moderate loss reported. The right ear is slightly worse than previously but doesn't require a hearing aide at this stage much to Ethan's disgust. He was hoping for another aid, he has even chosen the colours!
Overall Ethan has a great start to the year

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