Tuesday, February 02, 2010

happy times

The end of 2009 was challenging but also very rewarding..

Ethan missed the last few weeks of school. He was taken to Monash for assessment and pneumonia was diagnosed. We decided to go home on oral antibiotics rather than an admission for IV therapy. It was tough at home but it worked. The fevers stopped and the home physio was productive.

A major highlight leading into Christmas for Ethan was receiving his own number 9 Yarragon footy jumper. He barracks for Yarragon especially his mate Brighty. It brought a major smile to his face and confusion to people when they ask, "Who do you barrack for?" and he replies, "Yarragon, my friend Brighty plays for them".

By the time Christmas came Ethan was asking to go back to school, he had already missed a month! Ethan loved Christmas. He loved opening the presents and catching up with family. Ethan was pretty miserable and exhausted by the end of the celebrations and it took some time to recover but we all had a ball and it was worth it.

Ethan spent the New Year at Very Special Kids. He stayed there for 5 nights. Luke and us girls went to the Grampians to do some hiking and activities that we can't do with Ethan. It was bitter sweet for me. I loved being away and seeing the girls accomplish things but at the same time it was hard being away as a family of 4 and seeing in the new year without Ethan, especially when the mind wondered to the fact he may not be here next new year. When we got back to VSK this was quickly forgotten as he had had a ball. He loved it.

On the 16th Ethan turned 8. His birthday lasted a week! We celebrated early because Erin was going on camp, we then caught up with friends over the next few days, followed by family. He was happy during this period. It was great to see the excitement on his face.

During the holidays we also had a few outings. We went to the aquarium with Anna and Molly. Ethan loved catching the train and seeing the sharks. He did however crap himself with the spider crab! Funniest thing ever. We also went to Gumbuya Park. Eth had a ride on the cars and tried to play 18 holes of mini golf but he couldn't last the distance. Maybe we need a buggy next time!

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