Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a good day

The increase in medications seemed to do the trick. Monday night he bombed and slept great. He
was only up twice. The first was brief and the second included sitting in the ensuite for 30mins but overall we all got some much needed sleep.

On Tuesday Ethan was in a great mood. He was happy and in a good place. It was the best day he's had in a couple of months. It seemed the increase in medication had worked. He could focus and concentrate on tasks. He was happy with the girls and visitors. Tuesday night was a complete different story though. He didn't bomb with the night sedation and he was up more than 10 times during the night. A break through dose at 4:30 made him crash and he was only awake once between then and 8:30.

Today he has been cranky and sleep deprived. He was back to telling everyone to shut up and go away. After a long day he crashed with tonights sedation so fingers crossed it continues into the wee hours of the morning.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are all soldiering on, and that you enjoyed a well earned good sleep. Hope they keep coming.
Judi & Rob

Anonymous said...

The first part of this blog sounded great. I was so happy to hear you got some sleep and Ethan was in a good mood. Fingers crossed he sleeps tonight and you can all have a good day tomorrow. I bet he is hanging out for a delivery from the Easter bunny! Hope the girls are able to enjoy the holidays and do some fun stuff. xx Anna

Anonymous said...

Glad you had one good sleep hope there is more. Happy Easter I hope the Easter bunny stops by and leaves some eggs. Love from Sandra B xxx