Saturday, March 06, 2010

Still fighting

Over the last couple of days Ethan has been extremely restless and agitated. The pump has been increased to 40mg of midazolam to help ease this. (The morphine has remained the same). These doses are extremely high, especially when you add the break through doses. A lot of adults don't handle these levels but Ethan is still up fighting. His strength is amazing. He was awake a lot last night. I couldn't believe it, after a total of 50mg of Midazolam he wanted to play. I didn't appreciate the car and tractor noises on the side of the bed! He was then up to the toilet constantly. When he finally got to sleep, I thought he would sleep all morning but he was up early. By lunch however he was completely buggered and has rested and slept the day away.

We are now on top of his toileting trouble but he has developed fluid retention. His abdomen and torso are very tight and his little ankles and wrists are showing signs of swelling. His diuretics have been increased to help ease some of this pressure but it hasn't helped.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you all yesterday keep your chins up love Sandra