Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Toilet Trouble

Ethan had the needle site changed yesterday. This is now positioned in his right arm. He has had a few changes since the syringe started. His stomach has big red inflamed lumps and so it has been moved to his arm. Originally they were lasting a week but now with the increase in meds they are only lasting a couple of days. The pump is now at 50mg morphine with 7mg breakthroughs and 27mg midazolam with 5mg breakthroughs.

He slept a lot yesterday and when he was awake he was irritable and very demanding. He jumps from thing to thing and can't focus. Lucky for us we had a few visitors to help sit with him. This is the trend with all awake time now. This plays havoc on the girls.

Toilet time is now a big issue. He can spend hours trying to wee and can't poo. Morphine causes urine retention. He can spend hours in the ensuite trying to wee. He can no longer stand for long periods so ends up sitting, but then falls asleep. We have tried everything. Luckily for us he has always managed to go before a catheter is needed. We hope this continues. Morphine also causes constipation. Ethan has had a lot of trouble with this as well. When he finally gets the urge to go he pushes until he falls asleep. Lastnight I spent hours in the bathroom waking him up, telling him to push. I think at one stage we were both asleep in the ensuite! It was a shocker of a night based around trying to wee and poo.

Today Eth's class come for a visit on the bus. Ethan was excited. He even got on the bus and went to the Rocket Park with them. I drove behind just in case. He lasted 35-45 mins before he was completely buggered and had to come home. He had a ball with his friends but we paid for it for the rest of the day. He was a very angry and upset for the remainder of the day.


Anonymous said...

Sending love to you all.
Judi & Rob XX

Carmen said...

Hi Ethan,
Jennifer told me that the school came down to visit you yesterday. I have been ringing her to see how you have been doing.

Jennifer told me that you had a blog so now I am a follower! :) Hopefully you remember me. I was a teachers aide in your class ;) Hope you had a good day today.

I am not working at Glenallen this year as I am teaching at another school, but I miss your bum wiggles and your cheeky-ness. Stay strong Ethan. Carmen xo

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the visit was great for everyone glad Ethan had fun with his friends. Love Sandra