Friday, April 09, 2010


Ethan has had a hot couple of days. He developed a temperature overnight on Wednesday and they have continued regularly since. We are assuming it is from a chest infection as he has a pretty moist cough. The temperatures range in severity, with the hottest being 40.2. This has left him feeling pretty lethargic and miserable. He is definitely not eating as much and is less hyperactive. The effects of an infection or the cessation of dexamethasone or both?

A 'Care Chair' was delivered today. During Ethan's stay at VSK he loved resting in one, so VSK with the help of the Childrens Palliative Care Team organised and had one delivered today. The chair provides comfort and flexibility to kids who may spend a large part of their day sitting or lying down. He loves it.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the care chair Ethan. Hope you can relax in it. Maybe everyone needs one.
Judi & Rob