Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lots of sleep

Since Sunday, Ethan has been sleeping quite a lot, and when he has been awake, he has been sleepy. One day he pretty much slept through a whole 24hr period, only waking to go to the toilet.  Generally, he has still been going to bed at around 6pm, and waking at around 10-11am. He hasn't been quite as bad with the constant waking up at night to go to the toilet, so overall, we are getting more sleep as well.

The doctor came yesterday morning for a review. Feedback from the nurses were suggesting we need to lower the doses as we hadn't been giving any breakthrough doses and he has been extra sleepy. And initially, this was what the Dr was suggesting. Our take on this is that he was sleeping more because he was fighting whatever infection he had and also that his cardiac status has deteriorated further, so we were not keen to change anything.  Changing his meds now might mean he becomes more unsettled and agitated again while they work out the right balance.  We feel with him not being as agitated as he has been, and wanting more sleep, lets just leave things as they are for a bit.  And that is how it will be over the next few days.

The Dr is clearly concerned at the moment though, as he gave us his mobile and is updating the relevant parties of Ethan's current status. Ethan's chest is quite congested in the bottom half on both sides, and he is not clearing it properly, his temps have stopped happening now. With congested lungs, he has even less oxygen in his blood, causing extra tiredness, and therefore the longer sleeps.

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Anonymous said...

May you all enjoy some peaceful times and some calm, happy times.
Judi & Rob