Sunday, August 01, 2010

Landscaping Project

Many of you may be aware of the 'The Hanley Family Project' group on Facebook. This group was set up and organised by some great friends and family as a surprise to have some much needed landscaping. As well as managing the Facebook group they continue to contact businesses, fund raise, and labour to help implement this plan.

We have had a few months of mud, slush, no fence and no dogs but we are now happy to report we have some landscaping to show all their hard work. Over the next few weeks we will hopefully continue to see results of their efforts. We are one step closer to trying to get some sort of routine and life as a family of 4.

We would like to thank everyone involved. We know there have been many ups and downs with fundraising and businesses etc but we are truly appreciative and we look forward to sharing our backyard with you all when it's finished.

The Hanley Family Project Facebook Group

Landscaping Photo's