Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cardiac Surgery Day 1

We woke early and dosed Eth up on Ventolin as ordered, so much so he was still hyperactive after the sedative pre-meds. He was very excited about the planned hospital stay. He gave the arms up, “yeah!” chant.

He was first on the surgery list so it was straight into it at 8am which was good. We received the call at 12:30 to say all went well and we could see him in ICU in 45mins. This was slightly quicker than the earlier estimate on surgery time. On arrival to ICU we were told to wait and finally 2 hours after the initial call, we were allowed in.

The walk down the corridor into the room was awful. He was swollen with tubes and doctors everywhere. I had forgotten how horrible it was. The solution used to stop his heart in theatre is high in potassium, they had to use a lot of this and his bloods were showing it. He had to have some medication to excrete it. His blood pressure was low so they tried to override his normal heart conduction with pacing but it sent him into an abnormal heart rhythm. The plan was to then pump him with fluid and blood products and give him blood pressure medication. The problem was that the medication he had to help excrete the potassium was making him excrete the fluid. It took a while but finally the blood pressure was under control.

The next issue to be looked at was the ventilator which was detecting his heart rate as a breath and pumping air into him creating a battle. Nervously I watched as they changed his ventilator. There had to be a lot of trust in the Dr who was manually giving him oxygen. Every time he spoke I thought ‘just count his breaths’.

He also had an issue with his temp. This can be because going on (heart/lung) bypass makes an inflammatory response and raises the temperature or it could be a chest infection? The million dollar question.

It was a long afternoon and night

A quick ride on Scoop before sign in at Admissions

Battling with the PC version of The Simpsons Hit and Run in the Pre Surgical waiting room.

On the good stuff - Midazolam - in the Pre-Op Holding Area

Ethan connected to the Ventilator, Monitoring, Drips, Drugs, Drain Tubes, Conducting wires and other stuff.

Version 2 of the Ventilator.


Anonymous said...

Marist-Sion college send our love to Ethy and to the whole family. We have been praying for a speedy recovery for Ethy after the operation. Keep those beautiful smiles coming Ethy.
Mary M

Anonymous said...

Hope you have all enjoyed some well earned rest. Now for recovery, we pray for a speedy one. We are so priledged to be able to share this journey with you, we hope that it helps a little to have people that care travelling with you. Looking forward to some good news and more of the Hanley smiles.
Love and prayers,
Judi & Rob Maxfield

Anonymous said...

Ethan is one tough kid - I can see where Monique gets her competitive drive. Lots of love from the US.

Bob and Joy

Anonymous said...

Sending my love to you Ethan and to the family. I have never met such a strong-willed little boy! Hope you have a speedy recovery and are back home soon.

Jo, hope you are OK. Ethan definately inherited his strength and courage from you! You are the most strongest woman I have met. The things that you have gone through recently have been so hard, yet you always soldier on and NEVER complain!!.

Hope to see you all soon.


Anonymous said...

Jo, Luke, Ethy, Erin and Adele, our love to you all - what a journey, an incredible journey,that smile says it all Ethy -Jo and Luke please know that we think of you often. Get well Ethy and show us your Homer dance. Take special care, Pauline & Laurie Wheller.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, relieved to hear that everything is going ok. Will continue to keep you all in our thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you all next week when we're back in Victoria.
Take care, Fiona (and Uncle Colin!)