Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 11 and 12

Ethan is still improving. He is starting to slowly increase his diet and exercise. Yesterday he had a short trip off the ward to Franco's coffee shop across the road. He walked there with enthusiasm but quickly fell in a heap and needed to rest. His cough is still present but he is managing it better. The IV tissued and he is now on oral antibiotics. I am in two minds about this, he is too well for it to be put back in but he is not well enough for it to be left out. We are hoping he will hold his own and not develop any fevers but overall his temperatures are on the rise.

Today has been much the same. He is still improving but his temperature is on the rise. He still has noises in both sides of his lungs but is coughing better. We took him for a good walk but he struggled and was a little blue. We had a good chat to the doctor. The plan is to continue encouraging diet and fluids, physio sessions and to go home tomorrow unless he gets a temperature. If this happens an IV will be reinserted and IV antibiotics re-commenced.

This was on Tuesday, pretty ordinary here

Wednesday arvo - Grumpy here

Thursday - Starting to pick up. Red lips from a drink

Friday - Fish Fingers lunch

The Simpsons is keeping him happy...

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Anonymous said...

Great to see the video with the laughter and the big smile. Hope the temperatures don't rise and home is the best place for you all. You guys are all amazing.
Judi & Rob