Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 15 - Home Day

Ethan has continued to improve. His temperature is still up and down, and he isn't eating or drinking properly. We believe all this is due to tonsilitis! Hopefully this is the case and when we get home he will continue to improve.

He still has a nasty cough which concerns me. His oxygen saturations are still quite low, barely reaching 70% when he is awake. Overnight they reach mid 70's. I made a bet with Dr Jim that we will be admitted with pneumonia within 3 weeks. I'm hoping this is a bet I will lose!!

He had some blood tests this morning to check his hb. This should be on the high side so if it is around 120 or below he will have a top up of blood before we go. I am hoping it is on the low side to explain the low sats.

We are unsure at this stage how much of an improvement, if any the operation has achieved. We should start to see results over the next month.

The plan is to go home and follow up with the docs in 2 and 4 weeks.

Overall, it has been a long couple of weeks but better than expected. He has surprised us all and we are going home earlier than the 3 weeks we were warned about. He is an amazing boy with more strength than anyone I know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hanleys
What wonderful news that Ethan is well enough to come home. He is such a trooper! You are all amazing.
Cam, Em and Alex

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic that Ethy is coming home. I have my fingers crossed that you do lose the bet with Dr Jim!!

Love you all

Anonymous said...

What an amazing little boy Ethan is, and we know why, because he comes from an amazing family. Congratulations on the homecoming. May all go well at home and things continue to improve. We hope the results from the operation are better than you ever dreamed. Also hoping the doctor wins the bet.
Judi & Rob

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Ethan is slowly improving and I hope that he continues to improve in ways that you never thought possible. Soldier on Ethan the best is yet to be.
Love Jo from S.A

Anonymous said...

it is good to hear that all is going well it goes to proof that ethan is a fighter he is an amazing boy just like the family he has the spirit of both sides i wish you all the best

Alison Glover said...

I have been following Ethan's progress with interest since his most recent heart surgery. I am a work friend of your Mother, Jo and she gave me the address of Ethan's website, which I have been reading lately. Ethan certainly is a very special child, with great fighting spirit. I wish you all the very best and am continuing to pray for you all.