Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 5

- pacing wires removed
- left atrial line removed
- zipper dressing removed
- Physio
- Echo, ECG and Chest X-ray

Today was significant in that the last of the wires attached to Ethan were removed. The left atrial line, funnily enough, inserts into his left atrium. Bit weird picturing that getting yanked out, but watching it happen was like, what was the fuss about. The same with his pacing wires which attach to the outside of his heart, the worst bit for Ethan was cutting the stitches that held them in place.

Removing these set of lines meant a follow up ECG, Echo and Chest xray. All were clear from the cardiac perspective, but the x-ray shows some patchy changes in his chest.

So, physio as usual continues. Pain medication is continuing. He is slowly increasing his eating and drinking. What goes in must come out, and he finally backed one out tonight after 5 mins of eye popping straining.

The cardiac docs said on the morning round they are happy with his progress and he can go home tomorrow. But, we are not so sure, along with the Cardiac registrar, as we know his chest could be stopping this.

As I type, he now has a temperature of 38.3 which could be something to be concerned about.

Starting to get cheeky again

Pre pacing wire/atrial line removal

Post wire removal cuddle with mum

Eth, mate Jonathan and Dad looking for Choppers


Ethan's message to you all....


Anonymous said...

Ethan you are so beautiful. Your smile, your strength and your courage lights up life's and touches hearts.
I am so glad that you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Wow what progress and still only day 5. Well done Ethan. Hopefully the little man will be well enough to come home soon and everyone can catch up on some rest.
Judi & Rob

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ethan - you are a very brave boy. Keep up the good work.
And to Jo and family, my best wishes and hoping you will be taking a healthier and more energettic boy home very soon.
Love Anna