Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 7

After a walk to the Play Room and back this morning, Ethan was stuffed and slept most of the day. He had temperatures of 40+, high Heart Rate and his Blood Pressure was all over the shop. He was that out of it that he slept through his daily beating by the Physio.

So overall, his worst day so far.

Ethan has now moved from a Helipad view room to an Iso room (crappy view). Jo's phone is flat at the moment so you need to ring the room phone which is 03 9345 6494

or go and visit the boy (and Jo)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys. We hope and pray that tomorrow will be a better day. Poor Ethan, and his poor parents who no doubt are feeling all his pain and more.
May the sun shine bright tomorrow.
Judi & Rob

Anonymous said...

I hope that today is a much better day for everyone and that Ethan is starting to rally again like he has done surprising his Doctor's and others on how quickly on many occasions in the past.
He's a Trooper and I am sure that he will bounce back soon.
Jo from South Australia