Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 8

Day 7 was a terrible day. I haven't seen him that unwell since chemotherapy/radiotherapy. It was scary not being able to do anything but just watch him lay there struggling. The doctors kept a close eye on him to see which way he would go, luckily he picked up and backed it with a great day yesterday.

The contrast between the two days was amazing. From fevers, vomiting in his sleep and not being able to wake up, to being awake all day, playing and participating in physio sessions. He amazed us all once again.

He had an episode yesterday following bath time in which his oxygen levels dropped to 43%. He was extremely blue and his work of breathing went sky high but after some oxygen and a rest he picked up and continued to play and chat. He had a chest x-ray which still shows acute changes. The antibiotics have now kicked in and are doing their job. He is getting the odd fever and his oxygen levels are up and down but overall he is managing to clear his chest and keep on the right path.

Yesterday we saw the bright, happy, cheeky boy he is. I'm sure today he will show us some more of this.

photos to follow...


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear the good news that Ethan has rallied again and returned to the happy active boy we are use to. May this continue and speed up his recovery.
Judi & Rob XX

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Ethan is feeling better, I hope that he continues to improve. Our bodies have a amazing ability to heal themselves, and often sleep is the best medicine.
Love Jo from South Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi from Joan and Andy,
Last read your bog in September and have just caught up with all the October activity. Your blog should win an award - the best diary and news centre you could wish for. We are thinking of you all and praying for Ethan. Keep up your strength. J & A

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Ethan had a much better day. We much prefer hearing stories about the "Cheeky & HAppy Ethan"
Nothing worse than sitting watching your non responsive child.
Keep up the good work and you will be home soon.
Love Anna