Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Ethan has had a couple of busy days in preparation for the big day. Monday was a 12 hour day that included the usual work up prior to heart surgery. (Echo, ECG, Xrays, bloods, urine test, physio consult, doctor admission, surgeon consult etc) All was going to plan. We were at the last step when the cardiac fellow said she wasn't entirely happy with his chest. From that point it was a bit up in the air. An anaesthetic review was arranged (this was going to happen the morning of surgery) but because it was late the cardiac anaesthetists had gone home. The oncall anaesthetist said we should see a respiratory physician. After waiting around they came up with the plan, come back tomorrow. As I am still on crutches and can't push Ethan in the pram I had to speak up a little and demand an appointment time.

The doctors rang on Tuesday morning. I had to be there by 2 for an appointment that could be anytime after that!! The respiratory team were very punctual, they gave Ethan the once over, then the twice over before organising a physio session, the risks of surgery were spoken about yet again, and a pre-op plan was given. This includes a morning physio session and a pile of ventolin.

The plan is that Ethan will have a change of conduit tomorrow morning. Unsure of the exact time but we need to be at the hospital at 6:45am. The operation itself will go for 6-8hours minimum depending on the degree of scar tissue. His first heart operation went for 13.5hours and the 2nd went for 6hours, so we know about waiting around!

I must admit it is a lot harder this time. The first 2 heart operations were making him better. The outcome was for him to grow into a healthy young man. Unfortunately they didn't go as planned and we are now faced with our current situation. The risks are bigger and the outcome is for a better quality of life in the short term. Hopefully this will go to plan but there are no promises....

Ethan hasn't had any more seizures. The EEG results show no epilepsy but it does show an abnormality. Not sure of what exactly and as it doesn't impact on what we are facing currently I haven't chased it up fully. We will be seeing the paediatrician about it once Ethan has recovered.

The make a wish foundation have granted Ethan a wish. Ethan wished to sleep on a train. We are not sure when it will happen but we are going to go on the Indian Pacific. He is very excited and he will tell you at some stage, probably straight after telling you you're a loser, showing you the Homer dance and that he went on Puffing Billy!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Hanleys
Just wanted to let you all know that we are thinking of you and wish Ethan all the best for today and for his recovery. Jo, we hope that your ankle is healing well and you will be back on your feet in no time.
Cam, Em and Alex

Anonymous said...

Have been thinking of you all day today. Hope everything went well. Hope the recovery will be swift for Ethan and Mum's ankle. As for the wish to sleep on a train, we are now living in Perth,if you come this far, so if there is anything that we can do for you while you are here don't hesitate to ask. Or if you just need some surrogate grandparents while you are here we could fit that bill too.
Judi & Rob Maxfield