Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ethan has had a bad day today. He has been cranky and miserable and very confused all day. The break through injections have done nothing. It's been a long day...

Some examples of Ethan's confusion;
"Mum, I'm hungry. I wan't chips" You get them and he says "I'm not hungry, no, go away, I'm full"
"Hello Erin" and then when Erin says hi back. Ethan says, "Urgh, Don't speak to me"
"Mum, come here" You get there and he says, "Go away" waving his hand for you to piss off, so you start to go and he says "stay here, I'm hungry" and it starts all over again.
"I don't like you, you're mean. Mum, I love you"

It's doing my head in. I'm like a yo yo around him. I've accepted he has this shit heart condition and that he will deteriorate and die but why does he have to be a different boy in the process?!

The grandparents came down today. They bought goodies for the freezer and tidied up around the house. It is a huge improvement. Thanks heaps oldies.

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