Thursday, February 25, 2010


The last 2 days have been horrible. Ethan has been very irritable, confused, and in constant pain. This deterioration lead to a morphine increase. The pump dose was increased by 8mg and the break through doses increased by 2mg. The pain remains constant despite this. We still have little window periods of happy moments. He chuckles at the funny sections in movies and gets carried away licking people like 'Stevie' in Madagascar 2. But overall he remains irritable, confused and in constant pain. He is also sleeping more. He is waking later and sleeping during the day. Getting around the house is more of an effort. He struggles with energy.

The girls have their moments. Erin is carrying a lot on her shoulders. She speaks openly about what is happening to Ethan with her friends, teachers and us. She is lucky that her friends have grown up around us and know Ethan and our situation. They are at an age where they can be empathetic. Adele however is having a lot of trouble with her friends and communicating to them. "They don't understand, they don't love Ethan, they don't care". It's very hard. Her teacher is very aware of the situation and is a great support. She is dealing with a lot more than most 6 year olds. She has been through so much that sometimes I forget she is only 6. Both girls have had to grow up fast.

Photos still to come. Have had trouble uploading them. Ethan doesn't like his photo being taken anymore so there's only a few.

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