Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weekend Update

Ethan had a slow start to yesterday. He needed some oral morphine in the morning and then slept until 1:30. Waking on and off briefly. The morphine helped and he had a happier afternoon.

Ethan is more sensitive to noise and light now. At one stage he kicked us out of the room for talking to loud! This was a good time to grab a drink and sit in the sun. But more importantly it is good to know that when he is tired and needing a break he will let us know.

Last night we had planned a dinner party with a few friends but as we were still in hospital the party was moved to the ward. Ethan loved it. His footy idol, Brighty, came in with Balloons and his 'cousins' came. He socialised in between resting and again he told us when he had had enough. He had a great night and it was well worth the organisation. Over night he slept solidly for a few hours but was mostly restless and irritable. He needed 2 doses of oral morphine which didn't seem to do a great deal.

The big issues from today are that Ethan is now having trouble weeing. This could be a side effect of the morphine. It took over an hour today to go. At the start it didn't seem to bother him but now he is starting to get annoyed. He has also been nauseated today and has vomited. Restlessness and irritability have also been big issues. Hopefully the main docs will have some answers on how to treat these best.
The plan is to still go home tomorrow with the palliative care team. Ethan is busting to get home. (and to school!). Don't think that will be happening but it's good to have hope. South East Palliative Care will monitor us closely in the home.

Thank you to all of Eth's visitors. Ethan is a very social boy and it keeps some 'normality' for him. I know it is hard for all especially when he is up and down, just like it is hard for us but know he is happy you are making the effort and we hope to see you at home soon..

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Anonymous said...

you have amazing strength to get through this.
you have one strong little boy there - a fighter
thought are with you and hope things all go well for you when you get home